Class Overview

Welcome to the graceful and deceptively difficult art of aerial silks & lyra ! 

Classes are 60-75 minutes and include focused warm-ups, conditioning, and cool-downs. Exercises on the floor and with the apparatuses will highlight the fundamental body positions needed for safe and successful aerial practices. Clean and proper form is as important as the ability to execute moves safely.  

A maximum of 8 students (or 6 for Kids!) can participate per class, so reserve your space in advance. 
Individual class descriptions & availabilities are listed on the Registration page.
Bringing a notebook, water bottle, & yoga mat are strongly encouraged!

Dress Code Policy

  • The fabrics and hoop can burn or bruise exposed skin, so fitted pants or leggings and a long or short-sleeved shirt that covers armpits and middrifts are strongly recommended.
    Tank tops are not recommended.

  • Clothing should NOT have zippers or velcro, as they can catch or snag.

  • Jewelry, especially rings, should be removed before class.

  • Wear deodorant. The fabrics pick up smells very easily, so practicing good hygiene is important and courteous to the studio and your fellow students.

  • Socks are not recommended for silks; while practicing in socks is possible, they can make movement in the fabric challenging.
    Socks OK for lyra classes.


Online pricing includes credit card processing fees; in-studio pricing as shown.

  • Individual Class or Open Train:

    • $25/class, can be applied towards the purchase of packages or memberships

    • $35/class without prior registration, pending instructor approval

    • $10/hr Open Train

  • Packages:

    • 5 classes in 10 weeks- $110

    • 5 classes in 5 weeks- $90

    • 5 Open Trains- $45

  • Memberships:

    • Monthly- $175
      (max 12 classes in 30 days)

    • Monthly + Open Trains- $225
      (max 12 classes + unlimited open trains in 30 days)

Contact us for Group and Private Lesson pricing.

Studio Policies

Prior to your first class, please read, sign, and date our studio policies.
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